Welcome to our Railway blog

Welcome to our museum blog which has been set up to tell you about the history of our station.  The museum is based in an old Victorian Railway Station in the spa village of Strathpeffer.  The station, now a listed building, was built in 1885 and still has most of it’s original features.  The museum Trust has owned it since 2009 and is now responsible for it’s upkeep.

platform shot
A view up the platform

The building was also extended in 2010 with the addition of the Goods Shed Education Space and a museum’s collections store.  It’s design was created to blend in with the original building although it’s more modern inside.

goods shed

The Goods Shed built in 2010

More recently we’ve been working on a project to restore the canopy which runs along the platform.  It needs some work done including replacement of timber panels and glass panes as well as attention to the drainage pipes. As part of this project we decided to research as much of the history of the station as possible.  Our visitors ask lots of questions about the railway and the station so we’d like to give them as much information as possible.


Detail of the canopy.

The works haven’t started yet but the research has! Susan Kruse from ARCH has been working with some local enthusiasts who have been uncovering images and lots of interesting files. We hope in our blog to share what we’ve found.


One thought on “Welcome to our Railway blog

  1. Hello to Museum of Childhood,
    On the subject of the railway to the Strath, it may be of interest to know of the writings of Vincent Roth who spent part of his childhood in Strathpeffer, from 1896 to 1902. He lodged with his Aunt Margaret GRANT in Cromartie House, and had other Aunts in the Strath, including one married to a Strathpeffer GP, Dr BESANT, of about that time, and another at East Coulwood , the home of his grandfather Ewen GRANT. He kept a journal, but not of his years in the Strath. However in older age he wrote of those earlier years, rather vividly, including his railway journeys to and from Dingwall where he attended the Academy (Tulloch St), after having attended Fodderty Public (Py) School If this might be of interest, his writings may be found in a publication of 2003 from Peepal Tree Press, “A Life in Guyana, – Volume One: A Young Man’s Journey 1889 – 1920.” Vincent and his book were highlighted in the “RSJ” about 10 yearsago.
    With all best regards,
    (Dr) D. F. GRANT, late of “Craigellachie,” Strathpeffer.


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